10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 3 of 3)
Twitter Secrets Lynn Used To Find 100,000+ Followers For Her Clients

What Quantum Science Can Teach Us about Marketing
from "The 7 Graces of Marketing" by Lynn Serafinn

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10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 3 of 3)
Twitter Secrets Lynn Used To Find 100,000+ Followers For Her Clients

In the past 2 issues of Creative Spirit, I've been sharing with you my "top tips" for getting more of the RIGHT kinds of followers on Twitter. Once again, I want to emphasis how instrumental Twitter has been in the growth of my own business. Just this week, an author came to me and booked me for a 4-month block of consulting. Although she had been following my articles through my blog and this newsletter for the past 8 months, when we traced back how she first found me, it was via a blog post I had written on someone else's website. And how did I meet that person who owned the blog? Twitter! But I know that many people set up Twitter accounts only to give up when they don't see a return on their time investment, so my aim in writing these 3 articles has been to demonstrate both how and why I to get more out of the wonderful wacky world of Twitter.

The first 7 tips I shared with you were:

1. Create a clear picture of who you are
2. Know who you want to connect with.
3. Use Twitter Lists.
4. Follow new people EVERY day.
5. ALWAYS follow back.
6. Give GREAT content.
7. Don't be afraid to Tweet a LOT.

If you missed these articles, you can find them at:
• Tips 1 – 5: http://spiritauthors.com/pages/ezine/ezine-2011-06-23.html
• Tips 6-7: http://spiritauthors.com/pages/ezine/ezine-2011-07-05.html

Here are my final 3 Tips of my Top 10 Tips for getting and keeping followers on Twitter:

Tip 8: Interact.
Ok, with 50,000 followers, you might ask me how the heck can I possibly interact with them all. The truth is I can't. Nobody can. In fact, the vast majority of my Tweets are automated and I have probably only personally communicated with about 1-2% of my followers. Still, I am perceived to be an "interacter". How?

Interacting with 50,000 followers is not so very hard if you have a system. For me, I check into ALL of my Twitter accounts at least once a day and within a half an hour's time I go through the following checklist:

First I see who's mentioned me and send them a personal note. Even though I automate many of my thank you messages, that's just so that people don't get overlooked. Every chance I get, I reach out personally to people. If I don't know them, I check out their profile and get to know a bit about them. I drop them a line with a question or a comment relevant to THEM. If I do know them, I follow up on a previous conversation I had with them. I do all of this using @ (mentions) and NOT private messaging (called a "DM", or direct message). The only reason why I would use a DM would be if I were sharing personal information with the person, such as an email address. Otherwise, we WANT other people to see our conversations, so they know we are real people who are there live and in "real time. This encourages other people to connect with us, and it makes Twitter a "social" network rather than a world of disembodied one-liners (which a lot of people think it is).

After I go through the mentions, I scan my DMs. I say scan because 99% of them will be automated "thanks for following me" messages, and do not require a reply. I look to see if any of them contain links that seem to be of interest and I might check them out. If I see an actual personal message, of course I reply. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Twitter, you cannot share DMs with someone unless you are mutually following each other. This is to prevent spam.

Next, especially if I'm running a promotional campaign for an author, I check the stream of people on a particular. I use TweetDeck to follow my lists (there's a great version for Google Chrome that is much more stable than the desktop version). If I'm doing a book promotion, I have a special list JUST for people helping with the promotion. If I see them Tweeting, I will ReTweet them, even if it's not about the book launch. If I don't have a promotion on, I'll still check out the people on my private "VIP" list, which is a list of influencers who I want to keep on my radar. Very often they have great content that I want to share with my followers, which is another way to show you are interactive.

Finally, I scan my main Twitter stream. Yes, that means all the other 48,500 people. I don't read EVERY tweet. I scroll through the last 100 or so tweets sent out and look for things that might be useful, inspiring or funny. I might ReTweet them or comment on them. I also look for people asking for help or advice, and I reach out.

All this takes about 30 minutes. If you cannot do it every day, then 3 times a week will be a big help.

And hey, if you have a Smart Phone, get the Twitter app. I have it on my Blackberry, and it helps me do my interacting in small chunks (and VERY fast) throughout the day rather than having to sit at my PC.

Tip 9: Clean out the dead wood.
Ok, so now you've established yourself as a great interacter on Twitter. So why would you want to follow people who simply don't show up or bother to connect with you? You wouldn't and you don't have to. Besides, it looks much better to your potential followers if you have more (but not too disproportionately more) followers than you are following. That tells them you are "in demand".

Here are two ways to clean out the dead wood in your Twitter account.

Use Tweet Adder "unfollow" feature
I mentioned Tweet Adder in part 1 of this article series as a piece of software you can use to build your list. But it is also very useful to UN-follow people who don't follow you back within a given period of time. I believe that the majority of serious Twitter users will auto-follow, and others who don't will follow you back within 3-7 days, so I tend to set Tweet Adder to unfollow people who don't follow me back within 5 days of my following them. There is a very useful setting to unfollow only people you've followed via Tweet Adder. That means if you've manually followed somebody like Oprah or Deepak Chopra or some major newspaper or magazine, Tweet Adder won't accidentally unfollow them when they don't follow you back (which they won't). Tweet Adder will sift through people every day for you, and unfollow them in a gradual drip throughout the day, so the great Twitter gods don't flag up suspicious behaviour on your account and decide to shut you down (it's rare, but it happens).

To try out a free demo of Tweet Adder, go to http://tiny.ly/9aQ3 (that is my affiliate link). If you decide to buy Tweet Adder, it it's a single payment (not a monthly subscription) of $55 for one Twitter profile, and you can purchase multi-profiles and even an unlimited profile registration for just $188, which is what I use, as I maintain dozens of client accounts. Considering all it does, I think it's more than worth the investment.

Use Just Unfollow
Just unfollow is a free online program where you can unfollow everyone who doesn't follow you as well as people who don't tweet regularly. While it's free, it's less handy than Tweet Adder because you have to spend time go to online and manually click everyone on the list you want to unfollow. That can take a lot of time. There is also an upper limit of how many people you can do at one time in the free version, but you can upgrade to premium to lift the limit and to use multiple Twitter accounts. It's useful, but I find it very slow (more on this below)

Use UnTweeps

Like Just Unfollow, UnTweeps allows you to see who hasn't tweeted within a given period of time and unfollow them. You can get 3 "clear outs" per month for free, or you can get a monthly premium upgrade for about $5 a month, which allows you multi Twitter accounts and unlimited usage (which is what I have). The advantage it has over Just Unfollow is that you can set the exact time frame of your unfollows, whereas Just Unfollow only allows you to choose 1, 3 or 6 months of inactivity as your parameters. Also, with Just Unfollow there is simply no way around clicking every single entry one at a time. If you have to unfollow hundreds of people, this can get VERY time consuming. But if you install "CheckBoxMate" script for Grease Monkey in your Firefox browser, you can go to UnTweeps and just draw a box around all the people you want to unfollow and hit "unfollow). It takes a couple of minutes compared to the half hour I spend on Just Unfollow.

Tip 10: Stick with it!
Working with Twitter is sort of like learning a new language… or at least like learning how to master a new video game. The difference between it and a game, however, is that the "prize" isn't just a ticket up to the next level—it's increased business and network connections. While I've given you lots of technical and practical tips, the BIGGEST key to finding success on Twitter is to stick with it. Tweet, tweet, tweet and connect with people. Trust the process. Trust the Twitterverse.

And if all that is just too technical for you, you can always contact me and ask me about my Twitter Support package. ;-)

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter.
I promise I'll follow you back. And I'll only "unfollow" you if you stop tweeting, aim spam directly at me or don't ever try to CONNECT with other people. Otherwise, the world is your Twitterverse!

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What Quantum Science Can Teach Us about Marketing
from "The 7 Graces of Marketing" by Lynn Serafinn

An exclusive hot-off-the-press excerpt from The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell, by Lynn Serafinn, coming December 2011. This piece comes from the chapter entitled "Connection", which is the first of the 7 Graces discussed in the book.

Quantum physics has taught us that there is no such thing as objectivity in the physical world. All things are part of the same stuff. The scientist cannot observe reality without taking into consideration his own presence within that reality. The impact we create upon the world around us will inevitably impact us as well, because we are part of the whole, and not separate from it.

These same scientific principles can teach us a great deal about old school marketing versus a new paradigm for holistic, connective marketing, which I call the '7 Graces' model. When we look at the two, we can see that they each parallel the cosmological view of their respective eras. Old school marketing comes from an age where most people had a mechanistic view of science, where objectivity was at the foundation of their belief system, and the world was a place of measurement, linear sequences, logic and observable cause and effect. Our 7 Graces model is born of an era in which the cause and effect of science has yielded to a holistic view of systems and inter-relations, where linearity is blurred (if it exists at all) and both the observer and the observed must be taken into the equation of one's results.

To put it more simply:

  • In old school marketing, the marketer believes he is standing 'outside' his audience, and views that audience as 'the target'. As such, the relationship between marketer and audience cannot help but create imbalance and disconnection.

  • In this new paradigm, the marketer now views himself to be part and parcel of the very audience whom he is addressing. The audience are 'his people' and he is related to them via common values and mutual respect. As such, their relationship cannot help but create (or restore) balance and connection.

Back when I worked as a college director, I couldn't count how many times I heard teachers complain ‘the system’ was a mess. They would always say, 'the college thinks this,' and 'the college thinks that.' What they failed to see was that they were the college. They were part of the system. We are always part of the system. We are connected to the system.

If we influence another entity, for ill or for good, we are not only influencing that entity, but the entire system. And when we inflict harm upon any part of the system, we are also harming ourselves because we are inseparable from that system. It stands to reason then, if we approach marketing from the perspective that we are separate, and our aim is to exploit another being for our own gain, we are damaging the entire system including ourselves. Given the weight of all the scientific and philosophical evidence, marketers have no more excuses to regard the public as separate, exploitable entities, falsely believing they will escape from the impact they themselves are creating. It's not a threat. It's not dogma. It's not 'woo-woo'. You might call it karma, but it's also science.

The age-old 'Golden Rule' says, 'Love others as you love yourself.’ But unless we see we ARE the other, this can at best be lip service. It is only through connection to Self, our business, our audience, the planet and everything else in the system we call Creation, that businesses and marketers can begin to render true service to the world, and hopefully begin to restore the balance that has be so deeply disturbed as a result of worldwide industrialisation over the past two centuries.

Copyright Lynn Serafinn, 2011

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About Lynn Serafinn

Lynn Serafinn Lynn Serafinn is an award-winning transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. Her upcoming book, The 7 Graces of Marketing, is coming in Dec 2011. She also works as a campaign manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced several top-10 book campaigns, including FIVE #1-sellers in the past year. She is also the creator of Spirit Authors, which offers training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring.

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