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10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 2 of 3)

Shift Your Money Fears into Financial Windfalls
By #1 selling author and award-winning entrepreneur Allison Maslan

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Creative Spirit

10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 2 of 3)

In the last issue of Creative Spirit, I gave you my first 5 "top tips" for getting more followers on Twitter. I explained how Twitter is the backbone of my online marketing business and book launch campaigns. In building platforms for clients, I have typically grown many of my clients' accounts from 0 to as many as 11,000 in 6 months' time. As so many people set up Twitter accounts only to give up when they don't see a return on their time investment, my aim in these 3 articles is to demonstrate both how and why I focus so much on using Twitter in promotions.

The first 5 tips I shared were:

1. Create a clear picture of who you are
2. Know who you want to connect with.
3. Use Twitter Lists.
4. Follow new people EVERY day.
5. ALWAYS follow back.

If you missed the article with tips 1 – 5, you can find them at http://spiritauthors.com/pages/ezine/ezine-2011-06-23.html

Tips 1-5 are some of the keys to FINDING the right kinds of followers. But as I said last time, once you have found your followers, you have to KEEP them, and once you have established a solid connection with them, you have to treat them like gold dust.

With that in mind, here are Tips 6-7 of my Top 10 Tips for getting and keeping followers on Twitter:

Tip 6: Give GREAT content.
People on Twitter might initially follow you for one of two reasons: 1) You have followed them and they are following back or 2) Your profile contains key words that match the criteria for the kinds of people they are seeking. However, just because they followed you is no guarantee they will stay with you in the long term. There are several things that will drive them away.

One thing that will drive your followers away is spamming. The very worst kind of Tweep (Twitter user) is one who spams you by sending out either a "@" or "DM" message to you telling you to go check out a link to the latest scam they are promoting. The next worst kind of Tweep is the kind who sends out virtually identical Tweets over and over, and all these do is send you to some shouty, "schmoozy" sales page (with lots of big red letters and "buy now" buttons screaming at you. They never talk about anything, never connect with people, and never tell me anything I want to know. I "unfollow" these kinds of Tweeple as soon as I notice this kind of behaviour.

The second thing that will drive followers away is lack of interesting content. True "Twitter celebrities" have big followings because they give great content. By "Twitter celebrities" I mean people who are famous on Twitter, but not necessarily in the "real" world. One example is @Mashable (aka Pete Cashmore and his team of Mashable reporters) who has well over 2 million (yes that's right) Twitter followers. Why? Because the Mashable team have become the undisputed mavens of social media. At least twice an hour they tweet news, trends and technical tips for Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., and every tweet directs people to their blog (imagine the traffic they must have). You may or may not find all their tweets to be of interest, but every now and then you'll probably find one that gives you just the information you were seeking. That's why people stay with them.

When I tweet, I try to do the same thing, with the exception that I am not as "breaking news" driven as Mashable, but more focussed on creating "sustainable content". I write lots of "how to" articles and videos on my own blogs and on various article directories on the web. I create loads of tweets for them and set up the tweets so they go out regularly, to give more people a chance to catch the article. I make sure the articles are FULL of good tips for authors and conscious business owners (my target audience), so they will want to stay connected with me for more good content. As a result, I get a lot of ReTweets where people share my content, as well as a lot of thank you messages from people saying how helpful my articles have been to them.

When you are tweeting, remember to give, give, give. If you do not have great articles of your own to share, start ReTweeting those of other people. That's not to say you should not put a "call to action" at the end of your blog (in fact, you absolutely should!), but be sure that you have given your audience what they wanted before you "ask" for anything from them.

Tip 7: Don't be afraid to Tweet a LOT.
The third thing that will drive your twitter followers away is lack of activity and interaction. I'll be talking about interaction in part 3 of this article series, but right now let's talk about activity.

The Twitterverse is a completely different cosmos from other social media. Many people new to it make the mistake of worrying about tweeting too frequently, and thus they tweet only once a day, once a week or even once a month! Twitter is a constant stream of news updates with millions of people updating every minute. If you do not make yourself heard several times a day, you are unlikely to be heard at all. Don't be afraid to Tweet as much as 1 or 2 times an hour IF you have enough diverse content to do so (it does take time to build that content up). If you are just getting started, tweet between 2-4 times daily, depending upon how much content you have.

How do you get content for LOTS of tweets? From your blog! You're probably thinking, "How am I supposed to find time to blog every day to create new, fresh content?" The answer is you don't have to. One of the biggest mistakes I repeatedly see when a new client comes to me is that they only tweet about their blog post when it first comes out. That's an awfully poor return on your valuable time investment you made in writing your article. Something I train bloggers to do is to extract great tweets from their blog post and set up these tweets to recur over time using Twaitter or Social Oomph (see my previous article with tips 1-5 about this). A good blog post can generate between 5-10 good tweets, depending upon the size of the article. Each tweet should arouse curiosity and direct the reader to the specific blog post. If you are following my earlier tips for growing your following, you will surely have an increasing audience every month who are clicking to read your posts IF your content is well-written, useful and relevant to the people you are connected to on Twitter.

Another way to get content is from your online radio/media appearances. If you gave a brilliant interview, why just tweet about it the day it happened? Set up a tweet about it every few weeks or so, and more people will get to hear it. I currently have over 100 shows in the "vault" for my own radio show (where I am interviewing others). I have tweets set up for all these shows going out once a day spread over a number of months. It increases my listenership and it also makes the guests happy as they are receiving the extra promotion.

One word of assurance: last time I advised you to set up your tweets in Twaitter using Ping so they can go out to all your social networks. Some people worry that it is not good form to send too many updates to Facebook, which can happen if you have your Ping account set up to go to your Facebook profile. Remember that you always have the option of sending your updates either to Ping OR to Twitter only. If you wish to be conservative with updates going to Facebook, do so, but really don't worry about Twitter. As long as your content is diverse and repetitions are spread out over a wide number of days (or weeks), you will not have any problems.

So tweet, tweet, tweet!


In the next issue of Creative Spirit, I'll share tips 8 – 10 with you, which can help make you a virtual magnetic force to be reckoned with on Twitter. Be sure you are subscribed to Creative Spirit so you can receive these last 3 tips. AND if you missed tips 1 – 5, you can find them at http://spiritauthors.com/pages/ezine/ezine-2011-06-23.html

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Shift Your Money Fears into Financial Windfalls
By #1 selling author and award-winning entrepreneur Allison Maslan

Guest author Allison Maslan shares secrets for dissolving financial fear. Learn from Allison LIVE in San Diego this September at:

When fears and anxieties are wreaking havoc inside of you, it is generally the ‘fear of the unknown’ that is the culprit. We can often create scenarios in our minds that are so far fetched from reality that we put ourselves through misery for nothing.

In growing nine businesses over the years, I have faced many challenges, especially when I was starting out as a single mom. I was trying to forge my way to success with everyone around me telling me to quit reaching for my dreams and get a normal job.

My thoughts were often, “How will I pay my rent? What if I can’t get any clients?” I learned early on that dancing down this road of negative thinking only brought me more of the same negativity, so I practiced shifting these thoughts as soon as they crept into my consciousness. Now I flip-switch any fearful thoughts, meaning I ‘think the exact opposite’ before I sink too deeply down the wrong path.

For instance, if your thoughts are:

“I must struggle to make money.
I’m so tired of living paycheck to paycheck.”

Flip Switch them to a positive statement such as:

“Money is always available to me
and my bank account is growing every day.”

Poverty was a huge motivator for me as I started out, because like most people, I enjoy the comforts of a nice home and freedom to live life to the fullest. I learned that money alone doesn't bring happiness, but utilizing it as a catalyst to create positive energy and freedom does.

One of the biggest cures for my financial anxiety was to take action. I knew starting out that there was nowhere for me to go, but up. The more I put myself out into the world, the more my business grew. This was pre-Internet days, so I was out knocking on doors, booking speaking engagements, picking up the phone and making cold calls. I would often have to sit and give myself a pep talk before each phone call, but just by taking a small action, regardless of the outcome, I felt better having done so. I was able to secure many major national clients, such as Charlotte Russe and Supercuts, for one of my earlier businesses, The Barali Group, a full service advertising and public relations firm, just from picking up the phone and taking action. Use your actions as a major warrior of your fears.

I am also a big believer that our physical manifestations, such as our house, friends, business, career, relationships and financial status are a mirror of our belief about ourselves and our circumstances. I have experienced time and time again in my own life and working with thousands of clients over the years. Our inner beliefs and the energy we carry regarding those beliefs, will manifest that same energy into creating our reality.

For instance, if I feel I am struggling financially, or worried about how I am going to pay the bills, then the phone literally stops ringing.

What you create outwardly is what you believe inwardly about yourself and your life, and what you are projecting towards those beliefs. Are you familiar with the quote by Gandhi?

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Gandhi believed in the power of our thoughts, beliefs and actions. What he is saying in this quote is, "Peace starts within you, not outside of you."

Become the embodiment of what you want to see outwardly and your circumstances and your world will change for the better. If you want to change the world, it is not about fixing someone else or controlling an outer circumstance, the change starts within you.

Don’t desire anything you don’t expect to happen. When you say, “I can't afford the new house, an assistant, a seminar, coaching for yourself or an investment in your business”, what you are really saying is, “I need more money, but I don’t expect it to come.”

When you begin to make the shift of expecting your desires to happen and taking action toward these expectations, your financial fears will dissolve and your reality will improve in magical proportions.

* ~* ~* ~* ~*

ALLISON MASLAN is a life and business strategist, award-winning entrepreneur, a widely acclaimed homeopathic physician and teacher, and author of the #1 bestseller Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality. She has built 9 successful and personally fulfilling businesses from the ground up, yielding millions of dollars and serving thousands of people. She's also coached thousands of clients and students to learn the practical tools to do the same. She is a passionate, driven woman who is full of heart and soul, and who strikes a rare balance between the spiritual side and practical methods to growing a meaningful business.

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Experience Allison Maslan's contagious inspiration,
powerful entrepreneurial expertise
and the latest strategies to launch your business to the top at…

The Blast Off Business Breakthrough

September 16th -18th 2011

Westin Hotel, 400 Broadway, San Diego, CA

3 Days of High-Impact Learning and
High-Level Networking for Entrepreneurs
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