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10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 1 of 3)

Scarcity in Marketing – Why Marketers Use It. How it Hurts Us.

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10 TIPS to Get Followers on Twitter and Why You Should (Part 1 of 3)

I believe Twitter is one of the most powerful business-building tools in the social media Cyberworld. Still, at nearly every initial consultation I have with a new client, I hear them say, "I just don't GET Twitter."

I believe it's that "not getting it" is what makes countless people come on to Twitter and then abandon it after getting no results from it. But I can tell you without any hesitation that Twitter has brought my business from a struggling little self-employed coaching practice where I was barely eking out a living, to a thriving entrepreneurial enterprise with 8 members of part-time staff and a full roster of clients booked 9 months in advance.

So what's the key to making Twitter work? Easy: getting lots of followers. I have close to 50,000 followers right now, across my 4 accounts.

But it's NOT all numbers. You have to find the RIGHT followers. And once you have found them, you have to KEEP them. And once you have them, you have to treat them like gold dust.

Here are the first 5 of my Top 10 Tips for getting and keeping followers on Twitter:

Tip 1: Create a clear picture of who you are.
In your Twitter profile, you have 160 characters to summarise everything about yourself. Don't fill it with filler words like "I am a" or anything that is unnecessary. Say exactly who you are, what you do, what you tweet about. Give the kinds of people you want to attract a reason to want to connect. Make sure people know your actual NAME (even if you are using your company name as your handle). Make your Twitter ID something understandable rather than cryptic. Should you use your personal name? I would have at least 1 Twitter account in your personal name, yes, ESPECIALLY if you are an author. You could have another account(s) in the name of your book(s), but remember to forge your personal identity first. That is what makes people want to connect with you. Oh, and make sure you DON'T use the default Twitter profile picture. Upload a nice shot of yourself so people know what you look like.

Tip 2: Know who you want to connect with.
It's amazing to me how new authors and business owners have NO idea who they want to bring into their online "tribe." Who do you want to know about your book? Who could be helpful as a networking partner for your launch? Who would give you great tips on building your empire? Identify these kinds of people and start to reach out, using the next step.

Tip 3: Use Twitter Lists.
In my opinion, Twitter lists are pretty much THE most powerful tool on Twitter. Lists are basically a way of collating people into categories, to make it easier for people to find each other. You can create up to 20 lists on Twitter, but right now I'm going to tell you how to find followers using OTHER people's lists. Let's say you are a new author and you want to get new followers interested in mind-body-spirit topics. You could do one of two things.

First, you could go to "Listorious" at http://listorious.com and do a search for a list containing your key words "mind, body, spirit." Alternatively, you could find someone (like me, for instance) who deals a lot on this topic. Then, when you go to my Twitter profile, you can see where I am listed (I am on over 1000 lists by other Twitter users), or what kinds of lists I have made that have to do with mind, body and spirit. In fact, I have one called mind-body-spirit at http://twitter.com/#!/LynnSerafinn/mind-body-spirit that has almost 400 people on it.

What do you do then? Well, you could click on every one of these people to follow them one at a time, or you could use a strategy I'll give you in Tip 4.

Tip 4: Follow new people EVERY day.
Ok, so let's say you found a juicy list with a bunch of great looking people. How can you follow them without having to click, click, click every one? What I use is an automated program called Tweet Adder. Tweet Adder is perfect for following, unfollowing, searching for key words, randomising tweets, retweeting and so many other cool things. I program it to follow X amount of people every day. I create a "to follow" list of people FROM the Twitter lists I have found and voila: I have many hundreds on new people in my target audience coming into my life very soon.

Why do you want to follow all these people? Because most avid Twitter users WILL follow you back IF you are someone they can clearly identify as being a real person (your headshot) who tweets about things in which they are interested (your profile), as outlined in Tip 1.

Tip 5: ALWAYS follow back.
New clients are always worried about spammers, hackers, loss of privacy, etc. Hence, they take great precautions on Twitter to "protect" their Tweets or use programs like "True Twit" to vet their followers by asking them to confirm their identity. Here's my tip: FORGET about this. It is WAY easier to follow everyone back who follows you and get rid of the nuisances later than it is to vet all your followers. Also, you send entirely the WRONG message by protecting your tweets, and you will miss 50% of your legitimate followers by asking them to prove their identity. I categorically ignore such requests. Just follow back, using a program like Social Oomph (recommended). Tweet Adder also works fine for this, but you have to be logged on for it to work, which is why I prefer Social Oomph for this task.

Be sure you set up an automated greeting to your new followers, too. Not everyone reads them, but many do, and I get a lot of new subscribers this way. How? In my welcome message, I offer a link to a free gift on a topic I know they are interested in (because I identified them with lists, of course!).


In the next issue of Creative Spirit, I'll share tips 6 - 7 with you, which will help ensure you not only FIND lots of great followers on Twitter, but you actually KEEP them. Then finally, in Part 3, I'll be sharing tips 8-10 that can help make your a virtual magnetic force to be reckoned with on Twitte! Be sure you are subscribed to Creative Spirit so you can receive all 10 tips.

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Scarcity in Marketing –
Why Marketers Use It. How it Hurts Us.

Earlier this week, I sent a note to my Facebook friends asking the question, "Where have YOU seen scarcity used in marketing, and how do you think it affects us?" Within a few hours, I received a LONG list of responses, with people citing everything from children's toys, to oil, to computers, to supplies for anticipated emergencies or crises (if you're my FB friend, come join us and share your view at http://tiny.ly/pDyF). Clearly, people had a lot to say about this hot topic.

The use of scarcity in marketing has long been acknowledged. Everywhere I look, I see marketing mentors tell their mentees to use scarcity as a tool to close the deal and make the sale. And the sad thing about this is that it WORKS. But at what cost to our lives, our health, our communities, our economy and our planet does it do so?

From research I have done, I have come to see that every living being has an autonomic and unconscious response to scarcity. One example I give in my upcoming book The 7 Graces of Marketing is research I uncovered about the Great Dutch Famine of the 1940s, where thousands of people were starving to death due to a complexity of political issues. Many studies have been done on the impact of the scarcity of food upon both the people who lived through those times, as well as the babies who were conceived during those lean years. One of the most fascinating findings is that the babies who were conceived during those times of famine were born underweight, but then went on to develop physiques that were markedly OVERWEIGHT throughout the rest of their lives, due to their bodies' being conditioned to hold onto fat reserves in response to starvation in utero. Anyone who has be a yo-yo dieter has probably also experienced the same phenomenon.

Scarcity gets into our very genes. We humans are hard-wired to respond to scarcity, at a physical, emotional and mental level. Marketers have long known this, and they use it to their advantage.

The most obvious form of scarcity in marketing is the perception of limited supply or availability. We are exposed to this kind of scarcity marketing from a very early age. One person in our Facebook discussion cited an example of when her young daughter saw an advert for a cookie-baking set and said, "Mom, I have to buy now! They only have 12 left!" Another cited the example of cabbage patch dolls. From Playstations to Harry Potter books, we've all seen this kind of scarcity marketing. It makes us panic, rush and buy, fearing we'll "lose out."

The use of deadlines in marketing is another form of scarcity. This particular breed is rife in Internet marketing and is taught by just about every Internet marketing guru on the planet. How many times have we heard, "Buy within the next hour before the price goes up!" I'm not saying it's "wrong" to set sort of "end" to (hence a deadline) to a campaign; we cannot operate a marketing campaign without a clear timeframe. But when deadlines are used intentionally as a means to create excessive anxiety in our clients and customers to convince them to act before they have had a chance to make an informed decision, we might make the sale, but what are we contributing to the health, wellbeing, empowerment and happiness of our customers (and ourselves)?

But scarcity operates at even more subtle levels in marketing. In order to feel we're going to "lose out" we first have to feel the need. In order for a person to want to buy products they don't actually need, marketers first have to create the need, and then tell you that the only way to fill that need is to buy their product. If you look deeply enough, you will see that the unconscious message is that you are inadequate or incomplete without such-and-such product. When we are young, it's all about needing a product to give us fun and popularity. When we are adults, it's all about sexual and social worth "Because you're worth it" is actually saying "If you don't spend the extra money on this product, you're not really worth much." The real underlying story of "scarcity" is where marketers tell you in one way or another that you are not enough without their product. If you add into the mix the anxiety that the product that will make us feel like we are "enough" is not going to be available to us for much longer, we have a marketing recipe that influences us to "buy now", no matter what.

Scarcity marketing is one of the cornerstones of "old school" marketing, primarily because it WORKS. There is no question that it motivates people to act fast. But with the rise of social media, a new era of conscious marketers is emerging where our influence is now felt on a global level. In response to this fundamental change in our society, we simple MUST ask ourselves:

"In the bigger picture, and at a holistic level,
is scarcity REALLY working?
We might be making the sale, but what are we REALLY creating?"

It is my belief that by using scarcity as a fundamental motivator in our marketing, we are really creating:

• stress
• fear
• mistrust
• overspending
• overconsumption
• waste
• debt
• massive environmental imbalances

The irony of scarcity is that when we see the world through the eyes of scarcity we extract, create, consume, hoard or pillage more than we actually need, and we begin to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of actual scarcity on our planet.

In my view, the natural antidote is "Abundance", which I define as "a fundamental belief that there is enough." Enough to go around, enough of me, enough of you, enough. When we embrace a fundamental belief that the Universe has provided us with enough, abundance also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because we act according to the balance and natural flow of the rhythm of the Universe instead of against it.

The topic of "Scarcity versus Abundance" is a massive subject that I discuss in great detail in The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell (coming in late 2011), and will be elaborating upon in upcoming issues of Creative Spirit, along with the other "deadly sins" and "graces" of marketing presented in the book.

I hope this short introduction has given you some food for thought and that you'll keep your eye out for future articles. Also, do subscribe to my new 7 Graces of Marketing Blog, which will be rolling out articles and videos on these topics in the late summer.

You can find it at http://the7gracesofmarketing.com

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About Lynn Serafinn

Lynn Serafinn Lynn Serafinn is an award-winning transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. Her upcoming book, The 7 Graces of Marketing, is coming in Sept 2011. She also works as a campaign manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced several top-10 book campaigns, including FIVE #1-sellers in the past year. She is also the creator of Spirit Authors, which offers training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring.

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Ep111-Miraculous Moments with Elissa Al-Chokhachy

Author, Transformation Coach and book promotion coach Lynn Serafinn hosts Elissa Al-Chokhachy, fellow in thanatology, and author of Miraculous Moments:
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ELISSA AL-CHOKHACHY, MA, RN, CHPN, a certified hospice nurse and a fellow in thanatology; the study of death, dying and bereavement. The author of two illustrated children’s books to help with loss and grief. Her new book, Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On, is a moving collection of eighty-eight testimonials of after death communication, nearing death awareness and near death experiences.

Elissa’s stories offer hope, reassurance, and comfort to anyone mourning a lost loved one or who has wondered if life continues on beyond physical death.

Join Lynn and Elissa for an uplifting discussion on visions often seen by the dying, near death experience and encounters with angels.


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Ep112-The Age of Transparency with Michael Drew

Author, Transformation Coach and book promotion coach Lynn Serafinn hosts Michael Drew
MICHAEL R. DREW, business coach, spiritual author and founder of Promote a Book, which has helped create almost 70 best sellers, noticed that many of the authors he worked with were taking advantage of shifts in society.

In this show, Michael Drew will talk with Lynn about how society is redefining politics, manners, humour, sexuality, wealth and even our definitions of success. Michael explains where we've been as a society, and where we're headed – and why we demand transparency–not smoke and mirrors!

Tune in and benefit from a peek into the future, an explanation of the present and the importance of transparency.

Join Lynn and Michael for an uplifting discussion about how society is redefining politics, manners, humour, sexuality, wealth and even our definitions of success


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