Since 2009, our mission at SPIRIT AUTHORS has been to provide honest, creative and practical online marketing, promotional campaigns and platform building strategies to non-fiction authors in the fields of self-help, mind-body-spirit, health and well-being, social entrepreneurship and new business paradigms. We work with self-published authors and those from major publishers, first-time authors and multi-book authors. All are equal in our eyes.

We believe it is essential for consultants and clients to have a safe, respectful and productive working relationship. For this reason, we always spend time with you in an initial consultation, to ensure congruence and clear communication between us. We will never pressure you into hiring us, or recommend services to you inappropriate to your needs. We want you to feel confident in your decision to work with us, and we want you to know exactly what to expect from the services you choose before you make your decision.

We know you want to help, uplift and inspire people. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be the kind of author you are. That’s why our marketing aim is not just to help you sell books, but to help you identify and speak to the right audience, build strong relationships with your readers, and create a clear, transparent and consistent identity as an expert in your field. We believe this lays the groundwork for your business to flourish, and for you to write many more books in the future.

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Our Marketing Code of Conduct

We abide by ‘The 7 Graces of Marketing’ in our practice. The 7 Graces model is a holistic approach to business and advertising, devoted to creating harmonious relationships with people, our economy and the delicate ecological balance of our natural world. Here is how we apply the 7 Graces in our own marketing practice:

1. Connection: We see all things in this world as part of Creation, including our enterprise, and are committed to utilising our business to foster greater Connection between all people and the planet. We want to feel connected to you, and we want you and your audience feel connected to each other. We also want you to feel connected to your book and to all the marketing strategies we will create together.

2. Inspiration: Our marketing looks different from other companies because we never use high-pressure, fear-inducing or persuasive language to get people to buy something. We believe when we give value and share our wisdom freely with our audience, we empower them, foster trust and make the world a better place.

3. Invitation: We believe everyone has a right to their own space. We will never use or suggest invasive marketing strategies for your campaigns. Our marketing aims to demonstrate openness, hospitality, engagement and respect so your audience WANT to connect with you.

4. Directness: We believe it helps no one when a business hides behind lofty jargon, gimmicks and gloss. We will always speak as plainly and as directly as we can, both with you and in the marketing copy we produce for you. We believe Directness can restore trust in our society.

5. Transparency: So much marketing out there ‘looks’ spiritual, but is actually very deceptive. We think the public are smarter than that, and we never disrespect their intelligence by trying to manipulate them with shady, dodgy marketing copy. Instead, we help you express your true values through your marketing, so your audience can know and trust the essence of who you are as an author, a business owner and a human being.

6. Abundance: We will never use scarcity and fear to manipulate others into spending money. We believe there is enough in the Universe for all when we live in harmony and rhythm with the planet and each other. We also believe that Abundance comes in more than one form, money being only part of it. When we work with you, we also want to help you cultivate abundant business relationships, content, confidence and knowledge. Additionally, we foster environmental abundance in our book publishing company, Humantiy 1 Press. At H1P, we never print in bulk (we print each individual book ‘on demand’ when someone buys one), and we always hire printers whose paper comes from FSI certified sustainable sources.

7. Collaboration: We believe competition makes us weaker, not stronger. We encourage our clients to form strong connections with others in their field. All of our marketing campaigns incorporate collaborative strategies. We believe Collaboration in business creates stronger communities and always results in something greater than the sum of its parts.

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