The Number One Thing You Need to Write a Book

By on September 24th, 2012

Lets' Go! If you want to write a book but just can’t seem to get going, maybe you still need the most important ingredient. Author, coach Lynn Serafinn of Spirit Authors explains (updated version from article orginally published Dec 31, 2009).

Many people dream of writing a book, but far fewer  actually take the steps needed to get started. In my experience, this is largely due to many self-imposed reasons we make up that get in the way.

If you have had a life-long dream of writing a book, and for some reason you never seem to get started, perhaps you have been telling yourself you needed something “more” before you could even think of beginning such a project. You might have told yourself you needed…

  • More training or better language skills
  • More technical understanding of the publishing process
  • More time
  • More self discipline.
  • More connections in the publishing industry
  • More talent
  • More ideas
  • More originality
  • More confidence
  • More… well, you fill in the blanks.

After years of professional experience as a musician, writer, teacher and a coach who works with creative people, there is one thing I have learned: as soon as we humans start to impose such “I-can’t-do-this-until-I-have-more-of-something-or-other” conditions upon our dreams, we completely shut down our natural, creative process. While this is true for all people, it is especially true for the soft, sensitive and highly reflective types of people who write in the mind-body-spirit genre.

Forget for a minute about all the things you might have told yourself in the past. There is really only ONE thing you need in order to write a book, especially a mind-body-spirit book: You need to be able to identify why your book must be written. Only when you have truly identified the greater purpose for your book will you be able to get behind it 100%. A clear purpose will serve you far greater than any other “practical” element you have might imagined you needed. During the publication process of my first book, I myself encountered several roadblocks where I worried I might lose hope, but, time after time, the greater purpose of my book brought me back into balance, got me reconnected, and kept me going to bring it to the level of success I wanted.

“Only when you have truly identified the greater purpose
for your book will you be able to get behind it 100%.”

This is why the very first thing I suggest to aspiring authors who want to write a book is to “identify why your book MUST be written”.

Notice I use the word “must”. I believe, in the greater scheme of the Universe, your book “must” be written. It’s essential you also believe this, and that you know the reason why this is so. I don’t take an intellectual approach to guide you through this discovery, but a true coaching process to help you uncover all the hidden layers of resistance that may be blocking you from fully connecting to the heart and soul of your book project. Even if you are already writing a book, or have written books in the past, this lesson gives you practical tools to explore and discover the essence of the “life purpose” of your book, so you can not only get started, but stick with it even when the going gets rough.

If you’re already writing a book but seem to lose focus, or you really want to write a book but can’t seem to get going, take some time out to reflect upon the greater purpose of your book. To me, this is the most essential ingredient for bringing a book from concept to publication.

If you could use some fresh ideas to help you gain the focus you need, and you’d love to have someone making the journey with you and you progress (as well as help you start early promotion for your book), give me a shout via the CONTACT FORM on this site and we can set up a FREE 30 minutes Skype chat to see if I can help in any way.

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Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCC is a certified, award-winning coach, teacher, marketer, social media expert, radio host, speaker and author of the number one bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing: How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell. Her eclectic approach to marketing incorporates her vast professional experience in the music industry and the educational sector along with more than two decades of study and practice of the spirituality of India. In her work as a promotional manager she has produced a long list of bestselling mind-body-spirit authors. She is the founder of Spirit Authors, a site dedicated to providing information on publishing and book promotioin for and about mind-body-spirit authors, both established and aspiring. Lynn is also the Founder of the 7 Graces Project, a budding social enterprise whose aim is to help grow a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs who want to serve both people and planet through innovative, ethical, independent enterprise.

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  1. giulietta says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great info about the greater why. Makes total sense. I took a class where we all had to write papers. Every time someone presented their paper, the professor would go up to the board and draw a giant question mark and say, “so, what?” none of us had ever learned to write for the greater why. it needs to be behind everything we write.

    Much thanks for this reminder.

    Giulietta the Muse

  2. allan says:

    I knew Complicit Simplicity, Hackers End Game had to be written, but not the exact reasons. Writing it as web-fiction allowed me to explore many ways of writing, while striving toward the goal of completion. I was able to express many divergent ideas, and yet keep the flow coherent. Do it folks – you can always write another book by standard means. Get that first one out there.

  3. Pastor Jerry says:

    Absolutely right about the greater purpose! In writing “What God Can’t Do,” I visualized myself as a glorified secretary God was depending on to write down what I thought He was saying, which made it important. I had hoped that what I was writing would make a difference in peoples’ lives, and have already seen that hope materialized in my family, in my church, in my neighborhood, and in Internet responses. It becomes addictive, and now am planning a second book. Thanks for the encouragement I see you continuing to provide. Peace, love, and joy, Jerry.

    PS, I’d love to participate in an interview. I’m an opinionated old varmint, but women seem to love me for some reason.

  4. Lynn Serafinn says:

    Hey, Jerry, I hear ya aobut the “addictive” aspect to writing, especially when you know it is making an impact on others.

    About the interviews… if you are talking about an interview through Spirit Authors, please fill in a ticket through the contact page. If you are talking about my radio show, right now I am booked about 5 months in advance, so you’ll need to send a short info pack to me if you would like to be considered. Check out the show at, and then send a message through that site. I’ll need to have a 1 paragraph summary of your bio/background, your book and one or two suggested topics for discussion.

    Thanks so much everyone! Keep the comments coming folks! I’m loving reading them.


  5. Hi Lynn,

    thanks I needed to read that. I have never thought about why a book should be written and I think that having this sense of purpose makes it more of a mission.


  6. Lynn Serafinn says:

    Robert, knowing your wealth of knowledge, I would dash out and buy any book of yours immediately. If and when you do write your book, I know it would be a source of help and inspiration to many.

  7. Starr says:

    This is perfect, Lynn – thank you. Not only for pointing me to this site at the perfect time, but also for reminding me of what is important. I know ‘why’ my book ‘must’ be written, but I usually let that ‘why’ fall to the background. This year is the time to bring it to the forefront. The world needs my book – and I need to write it! Looking forward to further support and inspiration. Thanks.

  8. Tobby Fried says:

    Thank you Lynn! What a concept: start from where you are. We humans do have a tendency to complicate things, don’t we? Why wait? Start writing and let if flow. The rest can be managed. You’re absolutely correct. don’t worry, that’s what editors are for.

  9. Lynn Serafinn says:

    You are quite right. In fact, one of the KEY things I tell my clients when they come to me for book coaching is “Do NOT edit while you are in creative mode.” For mind-body-spirit authors this is especially essential, as they are SO “right brain” oriented. I used to be a recording engineer, and I tell my clients today, editing your book while you are still writing it is like trying to mix a track before you have recorded all the parts. And yes, you are right. At there essence, things are very simple.

    I am now starting to upload the actual content for the courses on this site, and I cannot wait until I have a lovely group of energetic, creative people gaining from it. The big Grand Opening is 22-26 Feb. Don’t forget to sign up for a reminder, as I have a whole WEEK of free webinars planned, with some VERY illustrious guests. Just sign up at the right for our updates, and you will be sure to get all the info.

  10. Lynn Serafinn says:

    You are most welcome, Starr. I really hope you’ll be joining us for the Grand Opening 22-26 Feb. Many inspiring people going to be my special guests that week.

  11. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing.


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