Using and Integrating Blogs and RSS for Book Promotion

By on December 18th, 2009

Lynn Serafinn, promotion manager for #1 seller mind-body-spirit authors, on blogs vs websites for book promotion, setting up feeds and social networks, basics of  leads generation, and online interaction.

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Module 2: Pre-Publication Marketing Musts

Week 3: Integrating and leveraging blogs and RSS

Subtitle of this newly revamped module: “100 Days to Build Your Online Promotional Platform”


Finding Your Readers

When designing a blogsite for your book, it is essential that you are mindful of your target audience, and that you design the blog in such a way as to be attractive to potential readers. This attractiveness must extend into the character of your theme and colour scheme as well as the content of your posts.

Most of all, remember that while the purpose of your book blog is to get people interested in your book, you will not achieve this simply by creating a site that does nothing else but talk about your book. To build your promotional platform, your primary objective in making a blog should be to create an environment where readers can really get to know:

  • Who you are as a person
  • What your message is
  • How you write

AND… if you do it right, your blog will also become a platform where you can get to know your readers too—both collectively and (in some cases) individually.


In this lesson, you will learn:

  1. The importance of having a dedicated book domain
  2. Purpose of a blog as opposed to a website
  3. Considerations for setting up your blog
  4. How to set up your feeds
  5. Integrating your feed to social networks
  6. Installing a sign-up box on your blog
  7. WordPress enhancements: Plugins and Widgets
  8. Building interaction into your blog
  9. How often and what to blog
  10. How to make the most use of your material

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How to get the best from your Spirit Authors Learning Experience:
  • Instead of working through the entire lesson at once, break it into chunks, spread over a few days. That is one reason why I split the audio in small clips.
  • After you have answered your FIRST weekly challenge question, upload your answers into the relevant part of the Forum. Don’t want until you have answered all the challenges to do this. This will allow you to share your ideas, reflections and difficulties with others and get feedback and support.
  • Reply to other people’s weekly challenges in the forum. Make comments, and suggestions. Share reflections with others. Ask questions!
  • Repeat this process every time you have answered one of your weekly challenges.
  • Using the forum as a means of sharing reflections is actually an integral part of the online learning process, so I strongly recommend you do this.
  • Remember: there are NO “wrong” answers in your weekly challenges. Everything you express is valuable. So DON’T be shy!

NOTE: I have broken the audio into small, easy to handle MP3 files. I recommend you download them all in one go, and then work through them 1 or 2 clips per day.

It is not assumed you will be able to complete all the challenges for the course during this intensive delivery. Therefore, you will have full access to the Spirit Authors membership area through the month of January 2011, including the forum and membership calls.

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