Target audience – knowing, finding and reaching your readers

By on December 18th, 2009

Lynn Serafinn, promotion manager for #1 seller mind-body-spirit authors, on how to understand your relationship with marketing, identify your target audience and find your potential readers.

Module 2: Pre-Publication Marketing Musts

Week 1: Your readers: knowing, finding and reaching them

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Subtitle of this newly revamped module: “100 Days to Build Your Online Promotional Platform”


Finding Your Readers

Many authors come to me for marketing advice just as their books are getting ready for publication. You will, however, note that I have placed this module BEFORE the module on preparing for publication. That is because, quite frankly, if you do not start your marketing long before your book is even finished being written, then you are apt to have a book come out and be extremely disappointed in the sales results. You might ask, “How can I market a book that isn’t even written yet.” The answer is simple. You aren’t. You are marketing YOU. That is what this lesson is about. It will really get you thinking about your personal relationship with all those wonderful people in the world who will be reading your book in the not-so-distant future. It will give you some strategies to identify them, know them, find them and reach them in an authentic, spirit-based way. If you find yourself resisting any of the material in the lesson (and I have had many a client and colleague for whom some of these ideas pushed them to their “edge”), slow down and take as much time as you need to understand why you are resisting. To understand this resistance fully, we will be exploring what I consider to be the key factors that influence how we approach the subject of self-promotion and online marketing

  1. Our relationship with money/selling
  2. Our relationship with technology
  3. Our relationship with other people
  4. Our relationship with ourselves

Get ready for a journey exploring these factors and how they impact the success of your book.


In this week’s lesson, you will:

  1. Examine your relationship with money and selling
  2. Learn how to identify your target audience and why this is important
  3. Learn the two key goals of early marketing
  4. Outline the infrastructure you need for finding your audience online
  5. Create a plan for reaching your audience

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Below are your lesson materials for the week.

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PDF Text

PDF Text
MP3 Audio

MP3 Audio

How to work through your lesson:
  • Download ALL materials to your computer
  • You may work either with the text or the audio, or both
  • Print the transcript only if you need to
  • Print the workbook, if you wish to write directly into it to complete your weekly challenges
How to get the best from your Spirit Authors Learning Experience:
  • Instead of working through the entire lesson at once, break it into chunks, spread over a few days. That is one reason why I split the audio in small clips.
  • After you have answered your FIRST weekly challenge question, upload your answers into the relevant part of the Forum. Don’t want until you have answered all the challenges to do this. This will allow you to share your ideas, reflections and difficulties with others and get feedback and support.
  • Reply to other people’s weekly challenges in the forum. Make comments, and suggestions. Share reflections with others. Ask questions!
  • Repeat this process every time you have answered one of your weekly challenges.
  • Using the forum as a means of sharing reflections is actually an integral part of the online learning process, so I strongly recommend you do this.
  • Remember: there are NO “wrong” answers in your weekly challenges. Everything you express is valuable. So DON’T be shy!

NOTE: To make it easier to work through (and to download), I have broken the audio into 7 easy to handle MP3 files. I recommend that you download them all in one go, and then work through them 1 or 2 clips per day.

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