How Twitter Changed My Life

By on March 7th, 2010

Ok, now you are probably going to think I’ve lost the plot.

Twitter changed my life. Let me tell you how.

AND I am going to attempt to tell this story in lines of 140 characters or less.

It all started when I launched my book “The Garden of the Soul” in April 2009.

After a year of mastering this “thing” called social networking, I created an Amazon book campaign.

I found many JVPs (joint venture partners), mainly from Twitter.

Some who helped were @InspiredSheila @SuzieCheel @KSchulweis @BrendaAdelman @RuthHegarty @JoeRumbolo @LolaFayemi (see next)

AND @HeidiRichards @AwakenedWisdom @LindaClairePuig @jenngivler @audaciouseditor @GailSussMill @Gloreebe @jessicamcgj @SpiritCoach #ff

Also ran a Virtual Blog Tour with peeps like @MoonPoppy @DuncanBrodie and many others.

Also ran a Twitter contest. @JulieAnnTurner won a signed copy of my book.


Long story short, my self-published book became an Amazon bestseller in #spirituality #mind-body-spirit and #self-help.

When “The Garden of the Soul” made bestseller, Tweets and RTs went viral. #gots

I think it was June when @SouthsideBroadc contacted me to be on their radio show. I soon became a regular guest.

Thru @SouthsideBroadc I met @SpiritusShelagh who has since become one of my closest friends.

July 2009: blogger/editor @BookEditorLM wrote me on Twitter wanting to do a blog piece on me:

Aug 2009: @BookEditorLM asked @tonyeldridge if he would repost that article. He asked me to write a new one.

Oct 2009: @tonyeldridge published my new article “Pre-Natal Care for Your Book”

Same month @AllisonMaslan (whom I didn’t know) read that article. Sent me DM asking me to coach her 4 Amazon launch.

I put together Amazon campaign for @AllisonMaslan ‘s new #book #BlastOff!

Nov 2009: I asked @writersinthesky (whom I had met on Ning) to come and help us put the campaign together.

We put together another great team of JVPs.

If I named all the Tweeple who helped us on #BlastOff! I think I’d need another day to write this.

Meanwhile lots of people were asking me for book advice. I decided to start a new site called Spirit Authors.

Dec 20 2009: I set up Twitter profile @SpiritAuthors and Facebook fan page.

Started Twitter/FB campaign to drive people to fan page. By Christmas day there were 100 fans.

Jan 2010: Did another campaign to get 500 fans by my 55th birthday end of Jan. I got 600+

Jan 19, 2010: Allison’s book launched. Twitter & FB went viral. “Blast Off” reached #1 in US/Canada.

RT @AllisonMaslan’s “Blast Off” reached #1 in US/Canada.

Jan 21, 2010: Success of launch attracted attention of @AllisonMaslan ’s literary agent @wgtwelve. He’s also @EckhartTolle ‘s agent

As an author, I am now represented by @wgtwelve.

More and more #mind-body-spirit #authors come to me to create campaigns for them.

New Amazon campaigns: @AwakenedWisdom (April 20), @NeuroBooks (May 11) and @wgtwelve (Nov).

From Twitter contacts, I quickly assembled team of 18 VIP experts for Spirit Authors Grand Opening

VIPS: @wordywoman @BookMarketer @CaronGoode @DayaDeviDoolin @inspiredwriter @docmarion @AlanSeale plus many already mentioned.

Nearly 500 people registered 4 the #Spirit #Authors Grand Opening

My good friend @SpiritusShelagh was my co-host for the event. What a source of strength she is.

Oz Tweep @charlyjl was a wellspring of technical support in getting the site ready. Couldn’t have done it without her.

April 20, 2010: @AwakenedWisdom ALSO becomes #1 #spirituality #book thx 2 Twitter! #AWEbook

GR8 expectations 4 @NeuroBooks May 11. #OCDbook

1000+ peeps on Facebook page.

NOW: @SpiritAuthors open and I have long waiting list of #book campaign clients. On #Spirit #Authors I teach new authors how to set use #Twitter to build a promotional platform and #Amazon launch… as well as many other things (Oops! That’s more than 140 characters!)

Ok… enough with the Twitterspeak!!!

I am quite serious when I say Twitter has changed my life. Yes, my own book would never have become a bestseller without Twitter. Yes, I could never have helped Allison become a number-1 seller. Yes, I would not have gotten some fab new clients and an amazing literary agent. And yes, I would never have thought to create Spirit Authors and now have a blossoming new business as a result.

But it isn’t REALLY about business at all.

Have a look at all the Twitter links above. These are not just links. These are all REAL people whom I have come to know, respect and care about over the past year. Even though some of us are separated by tens of thousands of miles, we have all shared many a heart-felt conversation over the phone, and have been there for each other through the highs and lows.

And really, there are just so many other wonderful people I have met from Twitter (as well as Facebook, Ning and LinkedIn, in that order), I cannot count them.

When many people first come to Twitter, they don’t “get it”. How can you possibly communicate in 140 characters? How can you possibly make friends with people? How can you possibly build a business from it? WHY would you WANT to do this????

And I’m telling you now—it’s because of the PEOPLE!

I have made more close friends from networking on Twitter than any other form of networking I have ever tried… even more than “live” networks in my home town! While I do love Facebook as well, there is nothing (yet) that can beat Twitter for ideas going viral, and for meeting lots of people who share your interests within a very short period of time.

But as I said, it’s not just about the business. The friends I have met through Twitter are some of the most inspiring, supportive, positive and powerful light-workers I have ever met. That is why I have linked to EVERY one of them above.

So, if you are on Twitter, you should follow them. These are wonderful, beautiful people—get to KNOW them.

As always, your comments below are MOST welcome!

Lynn Serafinn

Warm wishes,

Lynn Serafinn



P. S.: This article was inspired by a Twitter conversation I had a new friend on Twitter @WendyMWarden. Many thanks, Wendy. This was fun to write!

P. P. S.: Knowing HOW to make Twitter (and social networking in general) work for you, both on a business level and on a deeply fulfilling personal level, is something of an art form. This is why I teach it on the Spirit Authors course:

  • In Module 2, I teach the fundamental principles of spirit-based promotion so you can create a fertile promotional platform for selling your book online using social networking.
  • In Module 4, I teach the “how to’s” of creating an Amazon Book Launch.
  • And, of course, there are 3 other modules on starting and writing your book, preparing for publication, and creating a brand and sustainable business from your book.

It’s my hope that by teaching authors (and authors-to-be) the techno-art of Twitter, they will not only find professional fulfilment, but they will also expand their world by connecting to others who understand them and wish to help them grow.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, I offer a 7-day “Test Drive” on any Spirit Authors learning module for only $1. Visit the site at and check out the introductory audios and module overviews to see if there is something at Spirit Authors that can help you achieve your writing goals. And if you have any questions, please just fill out a contact form on the site and I promise I will reply personally.


  1. I enjoyed your article very much and will start following your recommended people. I listened to the first 2 of the broadcasts but will listen to the rest in the next few days. Thank you for everything you have done to help .
    My book is for sale as an ebook but would like to take it further. Regards Margaret.

  2. Very interesting. I’m new to Twitter. Good to know what can be achieved when you know what you’re doing.

  3. Lynn, this is a tutorial on the use of Twitter of the highest order!!

    And you’re right – Twitter is an amazing tool to connect people when used in the right way – just like you’ve demonstrated


  4. Lynn,

    Your book reached number one because it is a really good book which was recognized by all the friends and colleagues who supported you in making it so. I am simply happy to have been a small part of it.

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial you just wrote that any smart marketer could take and model their own campaigns after.

    I have been marketing my new book “Quirky marketing Calendar” on Twitter with some great results. It is an ebook so the medium is slightly different and of course may not appeal to as broad an audience as a print book, however it has been really holding its own. And March is Quirky marketing month so we are planning a new wave of campaigns!

    Looking forward to having you be a part of our Writing Summit. You are a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am delighted you are going to share that wealth with my circle.

    Keep doing what you are doing because you are AWESOME!

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Author, Social Media Consultant

  5. As Shelagh of Spiritus noted above, your post really does offer a wealth of information about how to make Twitter work as a viral medium — by allowing you (and everyone) to tap into the cumulative strength that occurs when many like-minded people join hands to help one another.

    Thank you for offering this information to all who will read it: it’s really invaluable as a roadmap of what’s possible with Twitter, in particular, and social media, in general.

    I’m so glad to have played a small part in this living, growing enterprise you’ve nurtured, Lynn. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

    Laurel Marshfield, Ghostwriter, Co-Author, Developmental Editor @BookEditorLM

  6. This is a wonderful article for those that doubt the power of social media.

    With good planning and tasteful & gracious execution – social media can be a very, very powerful medium to promote an excellent product.

    Lynn, you have set a fantastic standard in the execution of these campaigns and I, for one, appreciate the time and effort you put into them to help us, help you promote great books.

    The thing that really stands out for me, apart from the success of the book launches, are the amazing connections that you have made and the friendships that develp as a result – that to me shows that social media and 140 characters go a lot further than just the keyboard and the screen.

    Well done and congratulations Lynn.

    Charly Leetham
    Business Implementation Expert.

  7. What a wonderful article about how twitter works for you. This is the first time I’ve actually seen someone write exactly what happened for you to have success with Twitter. Most things we read are about how to use twitter, and what you can tweet about, which is all very helpful.

    However, your post is a “reality style” post, it’s all real life stuff, you’ve done it so well, just “telling it like it is”.

  8. Daya Doolin says:


    I met you towards the end of last year on Twitter. I joined your Garden of the Soul group on Ning then, became a guest of yours and you a guest expert of mine on I am so happy I heard to contact you and that I listened.

    Your tweets and expertise are priceless and if people listen to your advice as well as follow it, they’ll be in for a huge treat.

    Great job with sharing how Twitter changed your life. It certainly has changed mine in a big way too.

    Daya Devi-Doolin,
    Award – Winning Author
    The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success! Padaran Publications

  9. Lynn-
    This is a great article and is helping me to understand how to use Twitter. It’s still like an elusive lover but I’m hoping to understand Twitter better soon. Perhaps if I stop spending all my time with Facebook it will work itself out.

    You’re awesome.

    FYI: An interview you did with me is on the forgiveandbefreebook site. Thank you.

  10. Hi Lynne

    It’s been ages but I have been keeping an eye out beind the scenes and all I can say is WOW! Lynne I am super impressed, Eckhart Tolle’s agent! It wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t deserve it. It was a pleasure to help out too.

    Keep on keeping on hun x x x

  11. Lynn, what a wonderful post. It wasn’t long ago when I was very nervous about getting on Twitter at all. Never in a million years would I have thought that it could be this powerful. You have done a better job at putting into words the power of Twitter (and Web 2.0 in general) than just about anyone else I have read. It’s one thing to say, “This is what Twitter can do for you.” It’s another thing altogether to say, “This is what Twitter has done for me.” That is powerful stuff.

    You have given me some great people in this post that I want to follow. Thank you…. Thank you for this post and for the selfless way you help others, including me. It will all come back on you many times over.

  12. I just published my first book and your story inspires me! I enjoyed reading about your journey and all that Twitter has helped you accomplish. I look forward to learning more from you and your wonderful garden of friends! There are so many helpful and wonderful people available to all of us. Thanks for telling your story.

  13. Joe Danna says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Little by little I’m making it through the wilderness. I made some wrong choices in self-publishing until after trial and error I became my own publishing company. The passion I imparted to my book is what kept me going. Quite honestly, internet marketing requires a savvy I’ve yet to acquire…just like the labyrinth of the publishing field. Thanks for being a light in the dark. At some point I will likely be calling on you.

  14. Lynn,
    You are a fount of information. I want to know everything about social media that you can pass on. I just signed up for ‘Nutshell’ which is a service of Constant Contact. I don’t know if you are familiar with them. They used to be primarily in the ‘bulk e-mail newsletter biz and required a fairly frustrating knowledge of html code to use their program. They have transformed themselves into a very user friendly company.

    I use them to announce an occasional, short and sweet, ‘Alison*s Little Byte of Info’. Just a few lines with links to my latest blogs, goings on and other activities of interest. You can subscribe directly from my CONTACT US page of

    Would love for you to be able to take time to explore some of my writings, lots of fun and educational. Please keep me posted on all the social media from the most used (most of which I now have to the most specialized and obsure if they are of value).

    Have you tried yet? I like it but takes a bit of getting used to since you do not post ‘one profile’ but continually create ‘lenses’ or perspectives of oneself and one’s interests. Also signed up for Hootsuite. Good one.
    That’s all for now from Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven aka the lady in the hat!

  15. Dear Lynn,
    Excellent content as always. Twitter is still an unexplored land for me. Many thanks for charting the territory.

  16. It’s over 8 months since I wrote that article, and Twitter continues to be the life-pulse of my business, and an avid curiosity of mine. I will be posting some articles soon on Twitter apps and other “toys” I have found that have truly enhanced my online networking results. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive them– they’ll be filled with useful networking tips. 🙂

  17. […] am very blessed and fortunate to count Lynn Serafinn, an amazing author and transformation coach, as a dear friend. After going through her own […]


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