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By on April 9th, 2010

Outcast or Innovator?

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I’ve been sick all week with a REALLY nasty respiratory infection, so haven’t been as active on my social networks this past week. But as I felt a bit better today, I logged on to Facebook to find that my Spirit Authors Fan Page, which is only a little over 100 days old, now has well over 900 enlightened beings in its ranks.

Who are all these people? Well, simply what the name says: Spirit Authors. They are all people who like to write from the place of spirit, whatever that might mean to them.

Apparently, there is great power in the name. I could feel it when I first thought the name up…. correction: when I first “heard” the name in my ear. It is a name that allows the listener to bring his or her own deeper levels of meaning into it. It embraces an ideology, an ethos, a culture, that transcends simple definition.

We are, in a word, a “tribe”.

Perhaps you hadn’t thought of it as such, but it’s true. Our rapidly growing number is simple enough proof that there is a common resonance in the air drawing us together. People want this— need this— kind of identity now.

In my own work, I am continually amazed at how more and more people come to me every week—  every DAY—  asking me to help them write their mind-body-spirit books, or to teach them the art of book promotion while maintaining their personal spirit-based values.

And that is precisely why I think all these Spirit Authors have come together, right here, right now. It’s simple:

We are ALL being “called” to write.

To write what we hear.

To write what we see.

To write what we feel and experience.

That’s all.

Our calling is no longer about writing about what we “know” (intellectually).

It’s about writing about what we LIVE on a daily basis.

And that is the difference between a Spirit Author and those who have not yet stepped into their own inner Author (with a capital “A”).

And to do that, in the face of a society that has reared us from birth to work from the operating system of “mind over matter” (as if mind could ever be made completely separate from matter) is, quite simply, a radical act.

To DARE to write from a place of knowing that is beyond intellect, beyond logic and beyond reason, is sheer heresy.

Yes, we Spirit Authors are heretics!!

In his book Tribes, Seth Godin says that all leaders are heretics. They have to be. If someone did not go against the grain of the system, the system would never evolve. The leader is the mutant. The outcast. The oddball.

But the heretic leader is also the next strain of what is to come.

Spirit Authors have always existed. From the beginning of time, they have always been on Earth. The difference between the past and now is simple. In the past, we were disconnected from each other, living separately in our cities, towns and villages. We felt only that we were the wierdos, the blacksheep, the ones nobody ever quite “got”. We were the heretics. Our feelings of separation from our peers made us want either to overturn the system or to become invisible in order to be accepted. But overturning the system is exhausting when you are alone, so most of us heretics learned to disappear. We judged ourselves (and others), coming to the conclusion that we didn’t, and would never, fit.

But now, at this time in history, in this amazing era of global communications, we have at last found each other. Wow! A global network of cyber-heretics!

Make no mistake. It is no “coincidence” that the current evolution in consciousness is occurring at the exact same time as global networking has become possible. Technology IS the tool, the vehicle, that brings us together, for the purpose of facilitating our collective evolution as a society of heretics holding a common set of values.

And what is so amazing is that now suddenly we realise we ARE understood. We DO fit. We DO belong.

Because we are a tribe.
All of us.
We are the tribe of humanity.

And with this realisation comes the awesome responsibility to “unlearn” all we had once learned in the past. To unlearn the need to fit in, and to relish our own “blacksheepiness.”  To unlearn the need to hide, and to delight in feeling exposed. To unlearn the need to pretend we are something or someone we are not, and to speak the Truth we have always known.

And why must we unlearn these things? “To set ourselves free,” you might say. And yes, yes, yes, I would agree with you, but this is not enough. It is not enough to set ourselves free.

Because if leaders are heretics, then understand this:

If you are a heretic, you must therefore also be a LEADER.

And leaders LEAD.

They do not stand outside the crowd; they stand in front of it.

AND if they are the black sheep, it is only so others might be able to find them more easily.

We, Spirit Authors, are here to set the hearts of the world free…

to sing…

to dance…

to be.

Well, anyway, that’s why I’m here.

What about YOU?

Lynn Serafinn
April 9, 2010
Bedford, England

Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCC, is a transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host, and author of the bestselling spirituality book, The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. She is also the creator of Spirit Authors Virtual Coaching and Learning Experience, which offers training, business-building and community for mind-body-spirit authors at http://spiritauthors.com. Her key message is, “You are already the hero of your own life.” To find out more about Lynn’s journey, view her compelling video entry for the Next Top Spiritual Author competition at http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=2016, or contact her at http://spiritauthors.com/contact.


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1)     Kindly let me know in advance what you will be using, along with the date you will use it, and the link to the page where it will appear. Please send this information via the contact form at http://spiritauthors.com/contact

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3)     If you wish to quote me in part, and express your own opinion, that’s fine of course. But please do not paraphrase or change any words you specifically cite as having been said by me. Thanks!

Ok… so enuf with the high philosophical stuff! 😉

As I mentioned “tribes” to you, I thought you would enjoy this FABULOUS video a friend shared with me. A first glance, it might look really silly, but if you watch it twice and really take in the words, and think about it metaphorically, I hope you’ll find it to be a fun and ever-so-true explanation of how “movements” begin.

If you are receiving this via email and/or cannot see the above video on your screen click this link to watch it on YouTube (DO watch! You’ll love it. Very wierd and wonderful):

But the real reason why I am sharing it with you is because it should give you all much encouragement when you go to write your books, and perhaps struggle to get people to buy them or even to understand them. As you can see from this video, it’s takes a while for the “masses” to catch on to a good thing.

As the saying goes, “Just Believe.”

And have fun, too. 🙂

Warm wishes,
Lynn Serafinn


P.S.: Many thanks to all of you who have voted for me so far in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. I found out today that I am currently in Top 5% of the 3000 hopefuls (they don’t get any more specific than that). If you haven’t seen my video entry yet (I put a lot of HEART into it!), you can view it, and cast your vote for Round 1 any time before May 3, 2010, at http://NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=2016.

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