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By on May 28th, 2010

Caron Goode, author of Kids Who See Ghosts

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that in addition to providing articles on writing and promoting your book, I also like to highlight mind-body-spirit authors of note who have new books I think would be inspirational and/or helpful to my readers. Today, I have to pleasure of sharing an interview I did with award-winning author (and member of the Virtual Faculty here on Spirit Authors) Dr Caron Goode about her new book ‘Kids Who See Ghosts’, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday June 8, 2010. To find out how to buy the book ‘Kids Who See Ghosts’and receive free personal development gifts on June 8, 2010, go to:

This interview is Day 4 of a 2-week Virtual Blog Tour for this unique new title. Check out yesterday’s stop at the ‘Intuitive Parenting’ blog at

Lynn: Hi Caron. My audience are all ‘Spirit Authors’. What’s your personal definition (or definitions) of the word ‘spirit’?

Caron: I feel spirit is the loving intelligent energy within and without.  In the book Kids Who See Ghosts, we use the term ‘spirit walker’ to refer to those ‘persons’ who walk in spirit, as physical walkers refer to those of us still in body.

In the field of spirituality, metaphysics, paranormal, and higher consciousness, people whom I interviewed for the book commented to me that that the term ‘ghosts’ was distasteful to them. Yet the public knows the term through the media that pumps the word into our psyches. So spirit, spirit walker, ghosts all refer to those souls or person in the spirit world.

Lynn: What are the reasons why you wrote Kids Who See Ghosts?

Caron: After I posted a blog article about the television debut of Psychic Kids on the A & E channel in the United States, the web site was flooded with tens of thousands of requests for help and information from parents whose kids were seeing ghosts. Some parents wanted to know how to protect their child, how to handle their kids’ fears, whether or not to seek medical assistance. Others felt their children demonstrated intuitive gifts.. Still others needed information as to appropriate age ranges for having imaginary friends or how to handle teens who still had some “ghostly” acquaintances.

Over time, the questions were the same, and each situation was unique, requiring time to respond and gather information. The next logical step was the book.

The timing was perfect to interview parents, psychologists, skeptics, shamans, and psychics and find out what the temperature was on the topic; and boy, it ranged from icy to sizzling hot.

The most important reason for writing the book was because I couldn’t fathom that a child would be unable to sleep in their bedroom because something so frightened the core of their being. And, if they were afraid of their world as a child, would they still be fearful as an adult.

BOOK: Kids Who See GhostsLynn: Is this book just about “ghosts”? What other answers will people find in your book?

Caron: Kids Who See Ghosts is a guide to help parents empower their children by moving them through theirs fears and to have success in befriending, helping, conquering, or loving their ghosts.

The true answers as to why children see ghosts, how they experience their world of spirit walkers, and how a shift in brain-wave frequency or perception can open or close that door. What would happen if kids learned to shift their moods and control those images?

Lynn: How does your book Kids Who See Ghosts speak to our innermost spiritual selves?

Caron: What is inside your deepest spiritual self?  We know that the human eyes see light, and only a sliver of the entire light spectrum at best. Each human brain, as a transmitter and receiver of energy, determines the images. So why do some eyes see demons and scary figures of death while others’ eyes see angels or light?

Kids Who See Ghosts gives people pause to question the ghost phenomenon, and ask what it portends for our endless curiosity about the extraordinary. Is it a distraction from our spiritual essence, only the doorway for the curious, a trend destined to open the human mind to deeper intuition or involution?

Lynn: From an author’s perspective, what is unique about how you wrote the book?

Caron: Unique for me was not taking a cognitive approach, thinking about the content, the proposal, worrying about the topic being too far out for my field, expertise, and professional reputation. For the two books, Raising Intuitive Children and Kids Who See Ghosts, I felt a strong intuitive pull that the time was now. I sat down immediately to write the Kids Who See Ghosts book proposal, sent it to the agent, and the publisher loved the idea. I followed my intuition as a purposeful guide for how to write, manage and complete this book.

Lynn: What can aspiring authors learn about how you wrote it?

Caron: This was a new experience to interview twenty people, from professionals who work with kids, to parents, and skeptics and psychics, and weave a sellable story of such diverse themes. The themes that eventually emerged was listen to children, do not judge ghost experiences, do not the put down or judge the kids who have them. The caretaking of the children was a theme of all those interviewed, even the skeptic. My motto became, “You don’t have to believe in ghosts, just believe in and respect your children.

I hope you enjoyed this article with author Caron Goode. If you want to hop on the Virtual Blog Tour with us, follow Caron tomorrow on the Kids Who See Ghosts Virtual Blog Tour Day 5 at author Glenn M Smith’s ‘Sensitive Self Help’ blog at

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About author Caron Goode

Caron Goode is an award-winning author, health psychologist and medical intuitive. She helps parents and families through her writing, coaching and teaching, and by training parent coaches. She is also the Founder of Academy for Coaching Parents International. Caron is also a member of the Spirit Authors Virtual Faculty and frequently attends our bi-monthly ‘members only’ calls and our member forum. Taking Spirit Authors for a test drive is a great way to get to know Caron and our other Virtual Faculty members.

About Lynn Serafinn, Creator of Spirit Authors

Lynn Serafinn is a transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. She also works as a campaign manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced two #1-selling book campaigns, and another #2-selling campaign, in just the past 4 months. She created Spirit Authors to offer training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring. She’s also in Round 2 of the Next Top Spiritual Author contest! To check out Lynn’s video entry, brand new book proposal and read 80 pages from her book The Garden of the Soul, go to A free gift awaits you when you cast your vote.


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